Making 15mm painting possible…

optivisorMiracles, it seems, still happen.

Proof? I’ve finally managed to apply brush to metal, and started paintintg my 15mm World War II German Infantry. I decided to start with the easy stuff, and I’m painting Heer – Fallschirmjager and SS with their associated camouflage patterns can wait a few weeks!

However, I soon remembered why I disliked painting 15mm figures the, last time I tried this (I was painting a Samurai army for a club HOTT campaign…I never did get them finished) – they have all the detail of 28mm figures, but in a much smaller size.  It also appears that my eyes have aged rather alarmingly in the last few years, and even with my reading glasses I was struggling to see all the detail I was painting…

The result is the marvellous fashion accessory I’m wearing. Both Henry Hyde and Mike Hobbs had advised that I get one, and having used it I can heartily recommend it. At least I can now see in glorious close-up what a mess I’m making of my figures…

I picked this up off eBay for a few pounds – money very well spent.


Airfix Battles: Going back to how it all started

operation warboard cover 2When I was first introduced to wargaming, it was using the Operation Warboard rules and Airfix plastic model tanks – not the kits, but the ready-built soft plastic ones- do you remember those?

It was very much ‘Green vs Grey’ tank battles , so it tended to be a mix of Pattons, Shermans and Centurions vs Tigers and Panthers. What can I say? I was young…but equally it was a lot of fun.

Airfix 1/72 scale soft plastic Tiger Tank
Airfix 1/72 scale soft plastic Tiger Tank

A couple of years later I was playing ‘proper’ World War II games, using the same rules and lots of 1/72nd Airfix infantry and tanks…and it remained that way until I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and Games Workshop.

On Thursday, I had an e-mail from Chris Birch at Modiphius Entertainment, announcing the launch of a new Airfix wargaming project: Airfix Battles

airfix battles 1

This is a new, introduction level wargame, using playing mats, cut-outs for infantry and tanks (just in case you haven’t got any soldiers yet) and two card decks – one which contains all the stats for your models, the other which contains orders for your forces.

It also contains a 16-page rulebook and a 16-page mission bookm, and some dice.

This will be available in April 2016.

Then, in the summer, they will be releasing the Collectors Edition Rulebook, along with separate card decks.

airfix battles 2

This expands the introductory wargame from a board to the wargames table.

Full details are available here

The ‘little boy’ in me is very excited at this news. Lets face it, the last time that Airfix attempted to produce a wargame,it wasn’t the greatest success – remember Robogear?RoboGear-Battle-Set

It had a couple of half-decent mech models (and yes, I’m still planning on painting those T-Rex for my sci-fi army), but was otherwise…err…not very good.

This time around though, Airfix are going with their strength: World War II. I really hope that it’s a success.

…and yes, I’m trying to get a chat with Chris on the podcast soon!

The great basing debate

So, apparently the basing of vehicles is something of a polarising and emotive subject. Who knew?

Since posting my Twitter poll yesterday, the @mandmpodcast Twitter feed has been alive with comments…







The voting is closed, and I can reveal the final result…

It’s not the first time that I find myself a member of a minority, and yet holding the correct opinion :D
I’m sure the debate will be renewed on the next podcast…

A big thanks you to everyone for taking part. The prize Tweet must be awarded to Lars Johansson – it certainly gave me the biggest laugh of the day


To base or not to base?

On the last show we had a slight disagreement over whether it was OK or not to base 15mm vehicles (or maybe, vehicles in general).

This seems to have spilled over onto Twitter, so I thought I’d have a bit of fun and post a poll (which is something Twitter now allows you to do…)

So, if you have an opinion on whether vehicles look much better based, as it allows you to model the vehicle into its landscape, and gives you something to grab that doesn’t harm the paintwork…

…or you think that having an artificial concrete block glued to the wheels is a complete abomination…

you can now vote on it

The results will be revealed tomorrow…

Tiger Terrain buildings -do they fit?


Having finished painting the Tiger Terrain buildings last week, I took them over to the Meeples Bunker on Thursday,and grabbed a photo alongside a couple of our existing Najelwitz buildings, just to check that everything was pretty much in keeping with each other

I think, as you can see from the photo, that these fit together rather well. This is very good news, and we will be picking up a couple more of these buildings, along with a fair amount of their walls to make up some gardens…though I’m waiting to see what ideas about making gardens are going to be written by Diane Sutherland in the latest Miniature Wargames issue before I make any final plans.

Besides, I really do need to paint some infantry and tanks…

Wargames Illustrated Paints

Wi paints coverWargames Illustrated have just released a new hobby guide entitled Wargames Illustrated Paints.

This is a collection of articles that have appeared in previous issues of WI magazine all about various aspects of painting, right from the basics of tools and what paints to use, right through to some advance techniques.

It includes various useful hints and tips for both the beginner and more experienced painter.

It includes some very useful articles, like how to paint various cloth effects, how to paint faces, painting horses and hints on how to paint various types of bases (how about mud and puddles, rather than just normal ground)

Probably not much new if you are a reader of WI, but if you aren’t then this may contain some material you haven’t seen before. And at £4.99 for the PDF (£5.95 for a hardcopy) this is a great, very affordable reference.

It’s always worth having this sort of book in your library. I’m sure I shall find this useful (eventually!)


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