Real 3D Fantasy Scenery to print -new kickstarter

3d buildingIn the hobby news of episode 163, Mike Whitaker mentioned a Kickstarter project for the Winterdale Fantasy Village, which produced 3D printing files for buildings.

Another Kickstarter project, also offering 3D print files is now running on Kickstarter. This one has been launched by Via Ludibunda, is already funded, and is due to finish on 27th February.

3d building 2

This again has a medieval/fantasy vibe to it.

We’ve had a couple of discussions about 3D printing recently. It will be interesting to see how this technology continues to develop.


Sally 4th Launch MDF modular interior Sci-Fi terrain range

sally 4th sci-fi 1Sally 4th have recently launched a range of painted sci-fi interiors. These are of a modular design, and are produced in MDF.

sally 4th sci-fi 4

The floor tiles are painted light grey, the walls are white with doors and any exterior cladding in dark grey.

The range is quite large (52 products) and consists of prebuilt ‘zones’ (like those immediately above and below) or individual rooms, corridors, walls, floor tiles and doors

sally 4th sci-fi 2

‘Zones’ come flat packed for easy build, and can be broken down for storage

sally 4th sci-fi 3

You can find out more details here


Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes available in PDF

asbh cover
Up until the release of rules such as Open Combat and Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish, in my mind there was only one set of ‘go to’ rules if you wanted to play a small scale (in terms of figure count) fantasy warband battle – Song of Blades & Heroes, from Ganesha Games.

These rules (originally in 3 or 4 different books) have now been updated and brought together into a single volume – Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes.

This new edition contains a new, optional game setting, expanded traits and magic and also brings together different rules from the original volumes under a single cover.

If you already own Song of Blades and Heroes, there is a free PDF available, which compares the original game with the Advanced version, so you can decide whether you want to get the new, updated rules or not.


New Rapid Fire Normandy Battlegames book

normandy_battlegames_400Earlier this week, I got home to find this rather nice book on my doormat to review for Miniature Wargames magazine.

I just wanted to flag this up here as well, as Normandy Battlegames is a very nicely produced book which is well worth a look if you are a gamer that is interested in playing World War II battles in Normandy.

Whilst it is obviously aimed at the Rapid Fire! rules, Normandy Battlegames can be adapted without too many issues to other rules, especially as the forces used can be scaled easily. A force in Rapid Fire! represents multiple Battalions. However, in respect of the actual number of models, each battalion is roughly the size of a platoon, so you can play the scenarios with any company-level rules using the force sizes in the book.

The battles may need some adjustment, as most take place on 7′ x 5′ tables (annoying if you only have a 6′ x 4′ available) but this is certainly not a show stopper.

The book contains a total of 13 scenarios: 10 stand-alone battles (including Lebisey Woods, La Fière Bridge, Villers Bocage and Operation Mitten) and a 3-game mini-campaign around Carentan.

mkt_garden500-8-200x282 And whilst we are on the subject of Rapid Fire! supplements, although now only available in PDF, the Operation Market Garden campaign guide is almost a ‘must buy’ for anyone who wants to game this part of the war – especially since the book contains table layouts which map the entire battlefield from XXX Corp’s jump-off point to the Arnhem Bridge.

At only £8, this is a bargain.

Baccus release their first 6mm WW2 Infantry

Baccus 6mm have finally released the first codes of their much-anticipated World War II range.

There are initially six packs available, with Infantry in Advancing and Firing poses for British, American and German late-war. There are 96 figures in a pack, with a pack priced at £6.60.

LMGs and Mortars to follow in the not-too-distant future, apparently…

Chain of Command in 6mm, anyone? Well, certainly I Ain’t Been Shot Mum.


The bigger the better?

As regular listeners are aware, we have started to play with the format of the show over the last couple of episodes, making our general ‘chat’ a bit more specific, and thus we have created a couple of show segments. We were also really keen to get a bit more listener feedback on the show, which is why the mailbag has appeared.

Alongside this, we are becoming increasingly aware that we are struggling to bring content to you in a timely manner with a shorter show (especially when we have interviews that are time specific, due to project launch dates etc.) so we have been looking running two features in an episode, rather than one. This might be two interviews, or an interview and a review.

However, the impact of this is the length of the show, which with Episode 164 actually hit 4  hours. Now admittedly, having a 30 minute mailbag slot is probably a bit excessive (for example) so there are places where we can apply some edits, or be more time conscious in the future.

However, what do you think? You have a week to let us know…


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