Chain of Command AAR, 23rd April

Well, not so much an ‘After’ Action Report as a ‘Mid’ Action Report, as the game has yet to finish.

We are playing the ‘Probe’ scenario from the main Chain of Command rulebook.We are using the same table set-up as last week, with the exception that we have now included our new farm (this has replaced a couple of hedges some open ground on the table). Last week we played across the table, and I managed to lose the game in the Patrol phase when Dave outflanked me along the top of the table (as seen in the photo below) and ended up with a jump off point on my table edge (on the road in the top right-hand corner) He deployed a section on his first command roll and immediately won the game (the objective of the ‘Probe’ scenario is for the attacker to get a team to the opponents table edge)

Fastest Chain of Command game ever.

DSCF4347 (1280x960)So this time we played down the length of the table, and ended up with the Germans in quite a strong position.

DSCF4348 (1280x759)

The Germans are defending the road at the bottom of the picture, with lots of hard cover to hide behind, although they have managed to advance into the bocage on their right flank. The British have a Jump-Off point behind the farm wall, one in the woods on the left flank and a third back on their table edge.

The game started relatively slowly, with the British Paras deploying their Support section into the farm, and the Germans deploying one section to cover the road junction on the right, whilst a second section was deployed to cover the two fields on the left.

DSCF4351 (1280x677)

There then followed an exchange of fire over several phases between a Bren Gunner in the farmhouse, a couple of snipers in the hayloft and an MG42 team behind the wall.

Thanks to my ability to roll a ‘6’ at just the wrong moment, the sniper managed to kill virtually the entire team (including their Junior Leader) in consecutive phases, causing the Germans to lose 2 Force Morale.

DSCF4353 (1280x1092)

With the German defences on the left flank degraded, two sections of Paras then deployed in the woods to advance down that flank. The Germans responded by deploying a third MG42 section. If the Paras were going to advance, they would do so into a hail of fire from no less than three MG42s.

At this point, the Brits unleashed their support in the guise of a 3″ Mortar battery. It’s the first time we’ve used the off-table Mortar rules and I can confirm that it’s quite intimidating being on the receiving end:

DSCF4359 (1280x862)

Luckily, other than suffering some shock I got away virtually unscathed, and managed to end the turn in the next phase thanks to a Chain of Command dice roll. The Paras were suddenly caught about to assault through the field without any other cover and came under a hail of machine gun fire. An immediate call for further mortar support was refused.

The Germans then deployed their remaining troops, with a fourth section seen running through the rear field towards the threatened left flank. The evening ended just as the German Commander requested the Panzergrenadiers own 81mm Mortars to fire, whilst the British Sergeant Major was yelling at the 2″ Mortar section to ‘get in the battle’.

Next week could get really interesting. Although the Paras have almost double the Force Morale of the Germans, they have lost their Mortar support for the rest of the game and will have to regroup whilst their 2″ Mortar gets to work. In the mean time, the Germans still have 3 1/2 squads in the fight, with their own Mortar Barrage inbound on the British positions.

Rumours of my not being a Salute this year…

I realise that I mentioned a while ago that I would not be going to Salute this year due to a diary clash with an American football tournament that our Youth Team (Leicester Falcons) was going to be playing in…

Well, thanks to several subsequent schedule rearrangements by the British American Football Association, we no longer have a tournament on Saturday so I can confirm that I WILL be attending Salute this year, and hoping to grab lots of interviews and news snippets for you.

Feel free to say “Hi” if you see me.

BTW, I will be at the Bloggers meet-up at 1pm this year, honest!

Christmas comes early for 15mm German Army at Salute, thanks to the Plastic Soldier Company

The Plastic Soldier Company have announced no less than three new 15mm box sets for Germans which will be available at Salute.

PSC-15mm-German-SdKfz-250-Alte-Halftrack_400First off is the new box set of recon half-tracks: the SdKfz 250.

This looks to be a great set, allowing modellers to build no less than 5 different variants of this vehicle:

  • 250/1 Troop Carrier
  • 250/7 Mortar Carrier
  • 250/9 Recce with Hangelfette turret
  • 250/10 Command with Pak 36
  • 250/11 Panzerbuche 41

PSC-15mm-German-SdKfz-250-Alte-Halftrack_400_01_jpgPSC_15mm_German-grenadiers-1944_400Next we have a new box set of late war Panzergrenadiers, suitable for Normandy 1944, equipped with Zeltbahn ponchos. This set contains a total of 141 figures, and includes 3 Panzerschreck teams – enough figures to build 3 platoons. These figures appear to be of the newer one-piece ‘chunky’ design, which is a big improvement on their earlier sets.

PSC_15mm_Early-War_German_Hvywpns_400The final release is the Early War German Heavy Weapons, which contains 4 sprues, each of which has an MG34 team, an 82mm Mortar, a Pak 38 Anti-Tank gun, a 75mm Infantry Gun and a Flame Thrower. This looks to be a really useful set of support weapons, with a lot of variety.

The 250 Half-track box retails at £19.50, the Panzergrenadiers are £21.50 and the Early War Heavy Weapons are £18.50

Fighting Season on display at Salute

Fighting-Season-Header-2Fighting Season – the new version of Chain of Command for fighting modern conflicts – will be available to play at Salute this coming weekend.

As a fan of modern gaming, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Mr Clarke has adapted the excellent Chain of Command rules for this new period.

If you’ve missed it, there is post about this new set of rules of the Too Fat Lardies blog

Roll on Saturday!

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