A bit of an editing backlog

You will have noticed that we are running behind in our show production schedule…

We’ve actually been busy recording shows, with three already ‘in the can’, another being recorded tonight and a further two planned for the 14th and 25th March.

The issue is with the editing. Editing is about 60-75%  of the work in producing the show, and unfortunately I have been short on time in the past couple of weeks and have fallen behind.

Episode 140 (To the Strongest) is currently in progress, and I will get everything else out as soon as I can. However, with magazine deadlines, college assignment deadlines, American Football coaching and actually trying to paint a Chain of Command force in 15mm (as well as all the usual day to day life issues) my time management skills are somewhat under pressure at the moment :-)

Hang in there everyone…shows are coming soon, honest!

40mm Napoleonic Peninsular War figures on eBay

Thanks for another offer of 100 free listings from eBay, I’ve added to yesterday’s offerings from Graven Images by today posting my collection of 40mm Napoleonic figures on eBay.

These are a selection of French Fusiliers, Voltigeur and Hussars, British Light Infantry, Rifles and Hussars and Spanish Guerilla. They are a mix primarily of Perry Miniatures and Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, along with a couple of packs of Sash & Saber and Graven Images

You can find them here

DSCF3773 (1280x913) DSCF3788 (1280x897) DSCF3795 (953x1280) DSCF3809 (964x1280) DSCF3821 (963x1280)

Open Combat – Rulebook Kickstarter is now live

Those nice chaps at Second Thunder have just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a hard copy edition of their Open Combat Miniatures Skirmish Game.

You can find out the reasons behind doing this on their blog

The project is running until the 21st March and has a target of £5,000.

This is a great game – highly recommended.

If you want to know more about it, we had an extensive chat with Carl Brown and Gavin Thorpe in Episode 136 of the Podcast.

Good luck guys!

Proposed new wargamming club in Abergavenny – open day this Sunday (March 1st)

Podcast host Mike Hobbs is involved in a new venture.

As part of the new Abergavenny Community Centre’s open day this coming Sunday, March 1st, he and regular gaming opponent Mark are looking to drum up some interest interest in a new wargames club.

They will be running demo games of To The Strongest and Open Combat all day.

Details are as folllows:


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