6mm Napoleonic madness!

Having played a couple of games of Polemos Napoleonic rules from Baccus I was sufficiently impressed to look at buying an army.

Baccus produce a wide range of 6mm Napoleonic figures – so the first thing was to decide what army to play. Given that my opponent already has quite a large painted British army, I decided to go with French (at least it means I will always have someone to fight!)

I ordered a French Army from Baccus, and picked it up from the Hammerhead show at the weekend. I’m not sure if I was prepared for exactly what I received.

Baccus French Army

This army is HUGE! Admittedly, I’ve ordered some extra packs of Infantry and Cavalry to make the army viable for the Polemos army lists, but the number of figures to paint is quite daunting, even in 6mm.

  • 1000+ Infantry
  • 200+ Cavalry
  • plus Artillery guns, teams and Officers

As an extra factor, I’ve never painted anything smaller than a 25mm figure in my life, so this should be interesting!

1 Comment on 6mm Napoleonic madness!

  1. So how did it go?

    I did not see any quick links to your results?

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