HOTT Samurai revisited

Well, we’ve had many problems with getting this campaign off the ground. The primary one was simply getting hold of all the figures that we needed. Although we placed a large order (over £300 worth) for Two Dragons figures with Caliver Books, we only ever received the character figures – the rank and file samurai and ashigaru simply never turned up.

With credit to Caliver, this wasn’t their fault, but rather an issue with Two Dragons. After several months we cancelled our back order with Caliver and got a refund for our outstanding order.

So, we were left with having to find a new set of figures. After some searching around, we eventually decided on using Eureka’s range of Samurai – these are slightly bigger 15mm figures, but are very nice.
The figures arrived, but by this time most of the original enthusiasm for the project had waned and so they sat in a box doing nothing.

Eureka Mounted Samurai

Fast forward to a conversation in the pub last week – several people are starting to think that they are playing too much Commands & Colours Ancients of late, and want something else to concentrate on as well. The Samurai campaign is mentioned, and suddenly we are back on.

 I looked at the Eureka figures against the Two Dragons figures, and they really are in a different league – far superior in my opinion. So, I decided to replace my original Two Dragons character figures with ones from Eureka, and placed an order.
However, Eureka don’t produce everything I need (Ninja, for example) so I’ve ordered a few figures from Freikorps as well. Hopefully they will turn up in the next week or so and I can get painting

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