Getting under way

Well, the second painting project of the new year is under way, as I’ve finally managed to put paint to metal.

Capitalizing on my enthusiasm from Hammerhead last weekend, and the Marechal de l’Empire game on Wednesday, I decided to crack on and start painting my Baccus 6mm French army.

So, I opened the French Army bag up, grabbed all the line infantry, several lolly sticks, some PVA glue and got sticking. The lolly sticks are big enough to fit 5 strips of Infantry onto, so I decided that each battalion would occupy a stick, and my command strips would all be painted together.

Next job was to wait for the glue to dry and then out with the spray paint (on a cold and windy day – not the best prospect for spray painting: frozen fingers and paint going everywhere except where it’s supposed to!)


So, after just over an hour of cleaning up, sticking and spray painting, my first batch of French Infantry is ready for painting: 200 infantry plus 40 command figures – it still seems the start of a large mountain to climb, but I’m currently reciting the mantra from Peter Berry – “Paint the unit, not the man!”

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  1. Craig Dunglison // March 14, 2008 at 22:51 // Reply

    Neil – I have painted a few 6mm figures and could not agree more with the advice – paint the unit not the man. I like you am not a bad painter – very unlikley to ever win any painting competitions though, but when the 6mms are on the table with the scenery they look good, the blacken snout of a Leopard II sticking out of some 6mm buildings looks just as good as in the 20mm scale. I have both and think the 6mm scale give a better overall look on the table (scale to ground scale) – at least you have chance to get a flank on the old ping pong table.

    BUT when you pick them up and have a close look … well the detail is not there. But we are here to game not to win painting competitions with these guys – you have leave something for someone else to win.

    Go Meeples.

    I am a nearly 50 and have wargamed for 30 plus years, have gone through the types (board v/s minatures v/s rpg (as you said not the grenade type), scales and periods like most long on the tooth gamers but have just started listening to podcasts and have found your very interesting and lively – thanks.

    PS – Also like most gamers I have a mountain of unpainted figures – those 15mm Mongols will fight a battle one day!

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