My first 6mm figures

Well, I’ve just finished painting my first few strips of 6mm French.

I must admit to being somewhat disappointed with the outcome so far, though I cannot quite put my finger on why.


Maybe it’s because I’m not used to painting the scale (still too geared towards what 28mm figures look like?), and I know that you can’t really completely judge a figure until it’s based and finished, but I do know that I’m not happy with the result at the moment.

Having had a conversation with a friend, I have decided that I needed a new set of paint brushes, and so the weekend saw me purchase a set of Windsor & Newton brushes – only the Galeria range – but this company has a very good reputation, so I am looking forward to seeing how they perform in comparison with the brushes I have been using up until now (primarily Games Workshop).

2 Comments on My first 6mm figures

  1. Neil…

    I finally started painting my ‘Command Horizon’ brigade yesterday. I have to say, I’m actually very pleased with the results so far (all of my previous minis have been 25mm-28mm). From what I can see in the above photo, your stuff looks very nice indeed! Any chance of some larger/clearer photos???

  2. Neil,

    Looks like you have all the colors in the right places. They look like Frenchy line to me. When you base them and finish the base, you will be pleased. I block paint my WSS figures. When I first get started, I think how bad they look. After I get closer to the end of the job, I realize how GOOD they look.


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