FoG has landed…

107982a.jpgAfter a certain amount of confusion with the status of my Amazon order, I arrived in work yesterday to discover that my copy of the new Field of Glory rules plus the first two army list books had arrived.

First impressions are actually very good . The quality of the publishing is nothing short of excellent – I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given that it’s published by Osprey, but that is never a guarantee – anyway, it’s full colour throughout with lots of colour illustrations from various Osprey books, plus many photos of models.

The rulebook is firmly aimed at the new gamer – as well as the rules themselves, there are several sections about collecting and painting armies, along with tactical advice for those new to wargaming.

Each army list book gives a summary of the various armies detailed – again with illustrations and pictures which can aid in painting. My first impression of the army books were a little disappointing – they are very well produced, but they contain more lists and pictures and less ‘fluff’ than I was expecting.

However, I’m reserving further judgement until after I have played a couple of games – look out for the review on the podcast.

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