Kudos to Empire Games Store

Following on from my current Napoleonic painting exploits, I’d been recommended to use Vallejo Black Glaze as a good way of shading 6mm figures.

I almost picked up a bottle of this at Hammerhead, but then didn’t. So, I was looking around the web for a UK company that sold Vallejo paints and came across Empire Games Store. Not only do they sell Vallejo paints for only £1.60 a bottle, but they offer free postage on orders over £9.00.

As I previously noted, I’ve just bought some new paint brushes, but I was unable to find any small detail brushes. Empire sell Vallejo brushes (which I’d been recommended by a mate) and so I decided to try out a couple of these as well.

I placed the order on Tuesday afternoon, and it arrived first thing Wednesday morning.

Superb service!

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