SoA Battle Day 2008 – Poitiers, 1356 AD

The Scimitar Wargames Club, to which I belong, usually takes a trip down to the Society of Ancients Battle Day – this is being held on April 26th 2008 at Bletchley near Milton Keynes.

The theme of the day this year is the Battle of Poitiers, which took place on 19th September 1356, during the Hundred Years War.

pic145116_t.jpgWe’ve been chatting about how we are going to approach putting on this battle for several weeks now. The plan was to use the ‘Battlelore’ rules from Days of Wonderas a basis for a large miniatures battle – I have a collection of HYW figures in 28mm. However, once we worked out the forces, it still meant that I had to double the size of my army and get everything painted…so we finally decided against that.

Earlier this week, we were issued with the Battle Pack for the event, and finally decided what we are going to do. Battlelore has a supplement for the Hundred Years War, and in that game there is a bl_100_boxtop.jpgscenario for the battle of Poitiers. Whilst the set up for the scenario is slightly stylised, in keeping with the terrain set up for the game, we thought that this would make a suitable ‘quick play’ game to take along with us. We are also puuting on a larger version of the battle using Commands & Colors: Ancients rules and 15mm figures, but with adaptions taken from Battlelore for the use of longbows and crossbows etc.


It was at this point that I was struck by a horrible thought. A brief exchange of email confirmed my fears – I was going to have to paint my Battlelore figures for the battle! Arrgh!

Definitely something that I didn’t have planned. I went back to the scenario book and sorted out all the figures that I needed:

  • 4 Units of Heavy Cavalry (12 Figures)
  • 3 Units of Medium Cavalry (9 Figures)
  • 3 Units of Heavy Infantry (12 Figures)
  • 1 Unit of Halbadiers (4 figures)
  • 11 Units of Medium Infantry (44 Figures)
  • 2 Units of Spearmen (8 Figures)
  • 3 Units of Crossbows (12 Figures)
  • 5 Units of Bowmen (20 Figures)

Which comes to a grand total of 121 figures, which I need to get painted in about 6 weeks – not my strong point, painting fast. So it looks like my Napoleonics are going to be put on hold for a few weeks whilst I get this new project sorted out.


2 Comments on SoA Battle Day 2008 – Poitiers, 1356 AD

  1. That is no easy task to be sure. Good luck. I have decided that my Battlelore figures are going to look much better without paint, and that is how they are going to stay. I look forward to the pictures of the final armies.

  2. 121 figs huh? I would prime them all black, dry brush the metal parts with silver. Drybrush clothing you plan to paint green or brown with white first. Then use GW green and brown inks to paint the area. Highlight as needed.

    Quick and dirty… but even so, 121 figs is a tall order to fill. I don’t think I could do it. Maybe you could get some help? Set up an assembly line of some sort….

    Good luck!

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