SOA Battle Day – 11 Days to go

As promised yesterday, here are the latest ‘work-in-progress’ pictures of my Battlelore figures for the Society of Ancients Battle Day.

The Archers are about 80% done, mainly the hair and bases to do. It’s amazing the difference that even just painting the bases will make, so look for a major transformation with these soon.

The biggest encouragement has been the progress on the Medium Infantry. I was dreading these, as there are so many of them, but after two nights work the are over half done. As you can see from the close up (below) I have painted the plate and leather armour, and also base-coated the faces. I’ve even started the shields on the first few figures.

I’ve tried a different colour undercoat with these figures, so it will be interesting to see how they come out. The armour definately needs a dark wash to give it some definition, but otherwise they aren’t looking too bad.

With 21 Cavalry left to do after these figures, I’m finally starting to think that I may get everything finished.

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