If I was going to Salute…

However, if i was going to Salute, what has caught my eye?

To be honest – not much.

The biggest new release on my radar is the new 40mm Arthurian Range from Flashing Blade miniatures. The few Saxons that they have released previous look nice, and their Greeks & Spartans are great.

I was putting together a couple of large Dark Age skirmish forces to play Arthurian games using the Graven Images ‘England Invaded’ range, but since these ranges seem to have dried up, a new source of 40mm Saxons and Romano-British is most welcome.

Baccus have just release resculpted Human troops for Command Horizon. Excellent timing, as I’m planning on purchasing a CH force next month. Polemos Franco-Prussian war looks interesting, but not really a period I’m into at the moment (not that I need another period to get into just yet!)

I’m sure the new Copplestone releases will be very nice, but otherwise I’m not overly inspired at the moment.


However, if you are going to Salute tomorrow, have a great time.

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