Not going to Salute

Well, Salute – the biggest event in the UK gaming calendar – is happening tomorrow, and I won’t be there…

…what is more, this is by choice.

I’ve been to Salute a couple of times in the past, and certainly it’s a great show with lots to see, and everyone seems to gear up their new releases in time for it. However, it’s not a show that is on my list of ‘must go to’ shows anytime in the near future.


For those of us who live in the Midlands and the North of England, travelling to London has become an expensive excercise. Coupled with the show entrance fee (£10 on the door this year!) and it would cost me in excess of £30-£40 to simply get to the show.

Now, you may calll be tight, but I simply don’t see the point in spending that amount of money just to get to a show. It may well have been worth it before internet trading became widely available, but now?

I suppose the other factor is that the Midlands is well supplied with gaming shows of it’s own. We have the likes of Hammerhead, 2 Partizan shows and Derby for starters (well spaced through the year too) plus WMMS, Triples and the UK Games Expo. All excellent events. Not as big as Salute, and therefore not as many traders, but big enough to cater for the majority of my gaming needs  – and they are all within 45 minutes drive of Leicester (well Triples is a bit further) and MUCH cheaper to get into.

So,  since I prefer to spend my gaming budget at shows, rather than getting to shows, I won’t be going to Salute any time soon. 

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