Earth & Sky

I made use of my ‘Salute free’ day by taking a trip to IKEA in Coventry. Whilst I was there, I came across these throws pictured above.

The green throw is ideal for use a a gaming table cover for land based games. It’s got a bit of a decorative trim, but this can easily be cut off. The light blue throw, though slightly light in shade, is pretty much ideal for use as a gaming table cover for aircraft games.

The reason I’m posting this? Well, if you were to buy 6’x4′ table covers from the likes of S&A Scenics, they would set you back £15.00.

These throws measrure 170mmx130mm (just under 6’x4′) but the price is excellent.

IRMA (light blue) is £1.59
POLARVIDE (green) is £2.59

A bit of a difference, I’m sure you’ll agree! I picked up two of the light blue throws, and so saved something like 85% on the price of an 8’x6′ gaming cloth.

2 Comments on Earth & Sky

  1. Thanks for posting this. I just checked the IKEA site and it looks like the green one is $3.99. Fortunately I have an IKEA store about ten minutes from my house, so I will be visiting this week!

  2. Oh, note the Irma is also listed for $2.49. Just superb deals all around!

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