SOA Battle Day – 5 Days to go

Well, 109 down, 12 to go!

After a very productive weekend, the end is almost in sight.

Friday night saw me completing my Medium Infantry (above) and Archers (below) – told you they would look different with painted bases!

I also completed my Medium Cavalry. This is the first time I have painted horses – a bit daunting, and to be honest a little slapdash, but on the whole I’m happy so far.

Only the Heavy Cavalry left to do now. I’ve run into a problem with these, as they were undercoated black and I’ve had to add a couple of coats of white paint to the models so that I can paint the barding and surcoat a decent shade of red.

This has wasted some time, but it looks better for it.

The problem I now have is this – whilst the block colourling on the figures is adequate, it’s not great. As they stand, the figures lack definition. Normally I would wash the various areas of the figure with respective shading washes, and then drybrush highlights. However, with only 2 or 3 evenings left of painting before the show, I simply haven’t got time to do this – not with over 100 figures, anyway!

So, I am faced with the option of having to do a ‘universal wash’ – which some would call ‘dip’ style method. I’m not happy about doing this, but I can’t see another way around it at the moment.

So, once the Heavy Cavalry are painted, I’ll be looking at doing a Brown Ink glaze – I’ll trial it on a couple of units and see how it looks…

1 Comment on SOA Battle Day – 5 Days to go

  1. The cavalry definitely seem to be prime candidates for the “magic dip.” Now note I have not yet tried this method, but a recent detailed post to inspired me to give it a whirl sometime soon with some 15mm WWI figs I recently acquired.

    Anyway, give the article a look and see if it reduces your fear level:

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