SOA Battle Day

Well the day finally arrived! Saturday 26th April was ‘The Battle of Poitiers’ day, and saw 4 of us from Scimitar Wargames Group head down the M1 to Bletchley for a day of gaming.

The day actually went very well, and I must admit, although we were somewhat the odd ones out (having taken a boardgame with figures to the day, rather than the normal terrain and figure layout) the games were quite well received.

…and though I do say so myself, the Battlelore board complete with painted figures does look rather pretty.

We managed to get 4 games played in the day. I played 2 each as English and French. Whilst a full report of the day will appear in Episode 32 of the ‘Meeples & Miniatures’ podcast, suffice it to say that the luck I have been experiencing as Scipio in our club C&CA games continued, and I managed to loose every game!

I’ve taken several pictures of the games that we played, along with examples of the other games played during the day, just to give you some idea of what was going on. These can be found on My Picasa SOA Album.

Overall, a good day out, and some very useful things learned about the HYW Battlelore system.

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