Commands & Colors: Ancients – Battle Reports

I’ve finally finished two of my battle reports from the Scimitar Wargames Group Punic War campaign.

The first is my (very) bloody fight with the Spanish of Andrew Lawrence

Romans vs Spanish Battle Report

The second is a some what less-than-inspiring battle (on my part) against Pete Manning’s Gauls.

Romans vs Gauls Battle Report

Click on the ‘Slideshow’ button to reveal how the action plays out in both games.

1 Comment on Commands & Colors: Ancients – Battle Reports

  1. Jaime Lara // December 8, 2011 at 23:07 // Reply

    Hello. Beautiful narrative. I was wondering, what campaign rules are you using? Also, I see that you are not playing scenarios or am I wrong? If so, how are you choosing the army components? Keep up the great work.



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