Are Gamers like Magpies?

Ever since Hammerhead in February, I have been planning on buying a Command Horizon army from Baccus at the Partizan wargames show in May.

…that was until this week…

Over the last couple of weeks a few of us at Scimitar Wargames Group have been looking for a set of Wargames rules to adopt for Ancients & Medieval wargaming. We’ve tried HOTT (a club favourite), FoG, Warmaster Ancients and this week, Basic Impetus.

It has to be said, of all the rule sets tried so far, it’s Basic Impetus that is causing the most excitement (although the Command & Control rules in Warmaster are superb).

Part of the excitment has been caused by Dave Luff (the club’s resident 6mm fanatic) infecting me with his enthusiasm for both the scale, and potentially what could be achieved with the rules. Coupled with the fact that Baccus have just restructured their Ancients and Medieval ranges so that you can buy them by the unit for several of the more popular wargames rules, and we have suddenly been catapulted into a gaming feeding frenzy.

Using the recommended basing for 6mm figures in Basic Impetus (BI) gives you a 60mm x 30mm base size. The armies in BI are usually 7 – 10 bases in size, but given that you can represent a unit of infantry by up to 48 figures on a base, the will still allow for an impressive looking army, even in such a small scale. In fact, a typical Marian Roman Army consists of 8 elements, but actually has a total of 264 figures – which should look like an army.

Give Baccus’ new pricing structure, this means that you can buy most armies (including unit options) for Basic Impetus for between £15 and £25.

I find myself drawn to this new ‘shiny’ option. For the same price that I would pay to buy 1 (admittedly large – 7 Battalions or so) Command Horizon army I can now buy 6 Ancients armies to play Basic Impetus with.

It’s a nice dilemma to have. Do I buy lots of shiny sci-fi tanks and infantry, or lots of shiny ancient armies?

1 Comment on Are Gamers like Magpies?

  1. Don’t be silly. You need both. I personally MUCH prefer the idea of a Science Fiction themed game. That said the low base count requirement for Basic Imepetus is appealing. I was looking at the army lists, and they do have a nice number of periods represented. Either way I will be curious to read the report.

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