Meeples & Miniatures – Episode #32, Part 1 now available for download

Episode 32 of ‘Meeples & Miniatures’ – the podcast about Miniature Wargaming & Strategy Boardgames – is now available for download.


Actually, Part 1 of the show is now available. I’ve recorded lots of material for this show, so much so that I’ve had to split the show into two parts.


In Part 1 (available now) I chat about the recent Society of Ancients Battle Day, and some of my preparations leading up to it.


I also talk about my current search for a set of rules to game Ancients with, which includes a mini-review of ‘Field of Glory’ and my initial thoughts on Warmaster Ancients and Basic Impetus.


Coming in Part 2 (available later this week) will be in depth reviews of the Boardgame ‘Shogun’ and the Wargames Scenario pack ‘Day of the Ranger’


You can download the show from my podcast blog. It is also available via iTunes.

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