Impetus has arrived…

My copy of ‘Impetus‘ arrived from Italy earlier this week – why is it that it’s actually cheaper to buy this from Italy and get it shipped to the UK, rather than buying it via mail order in this country?

Anyway, first impressions are very good. It’s a well produced 50 page, spiral bound book produced in full colour, with lots of photos and diagrams included with the text for explanation of various aspects of the rules.

One of the nice things is that it’s got a good index, and also a full set of quick reference sheets at the back of the rules.

So, how does this set of rules differ from the ‘Basic Impetus’ rules, which are available for free?

Well, i’m still working through the rules, but some of the immediate differences are:

  • Command & Control – armies are now broken into ‘commands’, each under the control of a General. Initiative is now by command and not by side, so game turns are no longer such a one-sided affair.
  • In conjunction with the above mechanic, units now have an extra statistic – Discipline. This is used when units are attempting to move ‘out of turn’ – another new feature of the rules – and allows units to perform such actions as counter-charges and being placed on ‘Oppurtunity’ (which allows units to react in the opponents turn). This changes the rules from i-g-y-g into much more interactive play.
  • Baggage Trains – Each army now has a baggage train or camp attached to the army, which can be attacked during a battle (similar to the likes of DBA/DBM/HOTT)
  • Missile ranges are increased, plus a new range – ‘Point Blank’ – has been added.
  • Armies are now allocated using points values. The rules are balanced for using armies of 500 points in size, but using armies of 300 and 400 points for smaller games is possible. The army lists have been changed accordingly.

It’s a little disappointing that the book only contains 15 army lists – luckily one of my particular interests (Marian Romans) is included, but many others from the Basic Rules have not been included.

However, new army list supplements are planned, and a beta-test list for Samurai is already available online on the Impetus Forum.

So, first impreesions are very good – I’m looking forward to getting these on the table soon.

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