Back in the painting saddle

Well, after taking a couple of weeks off from painting after my Battlelore exploits, it’s time to get started again.

I’ve got a couple of very large projects coming up (and that’s not counting my 6mm French!) and so I thought that I would work on a relatively quick project, which is my 15mm HOTT Samurai army.

This army is pretty small, being only just over 40 figures. It includes the following units:

  • 2 Units Samurai Blades
  • 2 Units Ashigaru Spears
  • 2 Units Ashigaru Shooters (Arquebuses & Bows)
  • 2 Units Samurai Knights
  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Magician General
  • 1 Ronin Lurker (Option)
  • 1 Ninja Sneaker (Option)

I’ve also got a stonghold to paint, which will be the usual Samurai Commander’s camp screen, complete with various troops and other paraphernalia.

And then,  just as a couple of fantasy options, I’ve got a Magician and a Dragon, so hopefully lots to see in the next couple of weeks.

The figures came with seperate sashimono’s, which were a bit of a pain to attach as the figures did not have a hole for the banner pole – so each had to individually drilled with a pin-vice.  However, they do look a lot better when attached, and will hopefully lend extra character to the finished figures.

As you can see, I also decided to give the figures a gray undercoat instead of my usual black – just to see how I get on…

Look for updates on painted units soon.

2 Comments on Back in the painting saddle

  1. Cool! Where did you purchase the figures from?

  2. The figures are Eureka 18mm Samurai – I got them from

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