Last Night on Earth – Growing Hunger

Last week we played the expansion of ‘Last Night on Earth‘ – entitled ‘Growing Hunger’ – for the first time.

The expansion offers new Heroes, new playing boards, new cards for both Hero and Zombie players, several new scenarios and a new set of Zombie figures.

We played one of the new scenarios – ‘Plague Carriers’ – in which the heroes have to kill 7 ‘super zombies’ in order to win the game. These 7 zombies are in addition to the usual zombie forces, and so it’s possible that the heroes can be facing up to 21 zombies on the board at a time – not nice.

Needless to say, we all died horribly.

Whilst there is no doubt that this new expansion makes for a better game, I’m still not sure just how good a game this is in the long term. It’s a great game if you play the zombies, as you always have lots to do…but I think the hero players get a bit short-changed by comparison.

I think I’ll have to play it again before I can finally make my mind up.

2 Comments on Last Night on Earth – Growing Hunger

  1. How does it compare to “All Things Zombie”?

  2. It’s a completely different animal – so chalk and cheese.

    LNOE is a decent Zombie Boardgame, but it’s still very structured. ATZ is obviously much more versatile, being a wargame ruleset.

    If you were into ATZ, then I don’t think that LNOE would be anything other than a mild diversion. However, if all you’ve ever played is ‘Zombies!!!!’ then LNOE is SO much better…

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