Partizan Show 2008 – Video ‘Fly-Bys’

Today was the Partizan Show at Kelham, near Newark.

This is one of my favourite shows of the year, and is well know for the various great looking demonstration games that have been put on over the years.

This year was no exception, with several great looking games on display.

Rather than simply upload a picture gallery, I thought that I’d do something slightly different, and give you some video ‘fly-bys’ of several of the games that caught my eye. (Apologies for some of the shakey camera work!)

28mm Napoleonic Game from Bramley Barn Wargamers. Very nice ships and an even beter castle.

The next is a 15mm World War 2 demo game from Retford & District Wargames

This game depicts the Battle of the Boyne, and is presented by the League of Augsberg

The next three videos are of a 28mm Napoleonic game from Sherwood Wargames Group

The Allied lines…

And the French lines…

Then we have a couple of videos of the Perry Twins 28mm ACW game, using their new plastic figures.

A 28mm Age of Arthur game was being fought, with this village on one side of the battle

And finally, here is the latest Pennisular War diorama from Paul Darnell of Touching History

As you can see, there were some great games at this year’s show – more pictures to follow.

1 Comment on Partizan Show 2008 – Video ‘Fly-Bys’

  1. Wow! Great videos. Quite inspirational. Must get some terrain work done myself. I find I spend all of my painting effort on models and not terrain. These videos make the terrain seem more important than the figs.

    Thanks for posting.

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