6mm Ancients

6mm Roman Army

I’ve been playing the ‘Basic Impetus’ and ‘Impetus’ Ancients rulesets for several weeks now with borrowed 15mm armies, but I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start collecting new ancients armies for the game.

Several months ago, I was looking at painting up a Republican Roman army for C&C:Ancients, using 20mm HaT plastic figures, and whilst these would have been perfectly adequate for using with ‘Impetus’, I wanted a more ‘epic’ look and feel.

So, after chatting with Dave Luff, my 6mm partner in crime at Scimitar Wargames Group, we decided to start collecting 6mm armies for Impetus.

It was then down to what period to start. Looking at the Impetus army lists, there was (at the time) no army list for my two favoured periods (Sengoku Japan and War of the Roses) and so I plumbed for my next favourite – Romans.

However, I didn’t want to do Punic Wars, as I wanted something different to our C&C:Ancients campaign, and I didn’t want Early Imperial Rome (As everyone does EIR), so I decided on a Marian Roman army.


Well, firstly, the Marian Roman army list covers a time of expansion in the Roman Empire, when Rome was fighting a large variety of enemies (Numidians, Gauls and Parthians to name a few) plus several civil wars, and so this seemed to give a large variety of opponents.

Secondly, I read the ‘Emperor’ series of novels by Conn Iggulden last year, which is a fictional biography of Gaius Julius Caesar, and really enjoyed them, so it seemed in keeping to put together one of Caesar’s legions.

So having decided on scale and army, it came down to placing an order. I also decided to buy an opposing army – but since Dave Luff was buying Celts, and I wanted something completely different from Romans, I ended up going with Parthians.

6mm Parthian Army

Both armies give me lots and lots of figures to paint. The Roman army has just over 800 (although that is, in fact, two 300 point Impetus armies – so I can fight some of the Roman Civil War battles) and the Parthians are much smaller, at about 350 – 400 figures (although the vast majority of Parthians are either mounted bowmen or Cataphtactii)

So, this gives me yet another ongoing painting project – along with my 6mm French, 15mm Samurai and Battlelore figures.

Will I ever get anything done?

2 Comments on 6mm Ancients

  1. Patrick Smyrl // August 6, 2008 at 01:46 // Reply

    Just curious, how are you going to base for impetus?

    I am considering switching mine from Warmaster compliant bases (3 bases 40×20 with 4 strips each) to a single 60 x 30 base with 12 strips in 4 ranks. I’d probably still use Warmaster, but play around with Impetus and modified Piquet. I’d have to use some sort of marker for casualties, but I think the visual payoff would be nice.

  2. Patrick

    Have you seen my more recent post on this subject?

    Look under the Impetus category


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