Scimitar Wargames Club – Wednesday 18th June

It’s Wednesday night, and so it’s Scimitar Wargames Group night – A bumper night of games to be found on offer tonight…

Hey! That's my Fish!

First a game of Hey! That’s My Fish! whilst waiting for everyone to arrive. “Who moved that there?”

And then several games got going…

Ice Flow

Andy & Phil (and myself) puzzle over Ice Flow – analysis paralysis crept in at the end…(I thought this was meant to be a relatively fast game…2 hours we were playing this!)


Pete teaches Jere Commands & Colors: Ancients – a little too well by all accounts…Pete lost!

Memoir '44

Tony & Dave refight Kursk with Memoir ’44…and change history, as I think the Germans won both games.

Blitzkrieg Commander

Whilst Bob, Gary, Martin and Tony (not in shot) fight out a Blitzkrieg Commander campaign battle in France, 1940. Martin is trying out the new tactic of moving his troops with his eyes shut.


And the Andy teaches us Jactvs – which was about as exciting as it looked unfortunately…to be fair, it probably works better with 4 players.

…and then it was off down the pub (the Open Arms, Daventry Rd) for Midnight Party (and beer)

Midnight Party

And then Poison (and beer)


For a few Orcs More

De l’Orc pour les braves (For a Few Orcs More) – which I won! (beginners luck)

De i'Orc pour les braves

and, of course, the mandatory game of Uno (and more beer)

Doctor Who Uno

Do you want to know more? Then why not visit the Scimitar Wargames Group website

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