Meeples & Miniatures – Episode #35

Meeples & Miniatures Episode #35

Show 35 of Meeples & Miniatures – the podcast about Miniature Wargames & Strategy Boardgames – is now available to download.

In this edition of the show, I start a new series about getting started in Miniature Wargaming, and look at some of the questions you might ask before embarking in the hobby. I briefly discuss the ethics of gaming certain conflicts, and there is the usual chat about games, rules and miniatures that I’ve been playing with, reading and painting over the past few weeks.


My review this time is of the boardgame Duel in the Dark – a game which recreates the British night bombing campaign of 1943 over Germany.

The show is available from the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast Website, or you can subscribe to the show via iTunes

5 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode #35

  1. Neil,

    I had the same problem you’re having getting into a groove painting 15mm figures. Finally, it occurred to me that despite the fact the figures looked like “shrunk down” 28mm figures, they really should be painted in batches. Now I can easily get 20 or so figures done in an evening of painting.

    I usually pick a few units to get done, say a platoon of Marines, and set out the basic colors to be used. Then I line the figures up and apply one color at a time to each figure. When I reach the end of the line, I back to the start and apply the next color. Tedious? Yes. Speedier than painting one figure at a time? Definitely.

    This technique really comes into its own when you finish the figures off with either a dip or a wash, which effectively obscures all but the sloppiest painting at this scale.



  2. Kent Reuber // July 7, 2008 at 22:44 // Reply


    You mentioned in episode 35 that you were glad to see a new fantasy naval game and that there weren’t many games in this genre. Since I’ve heard you mentioned Two Hour Wargames fairly frequently, I’m surprised you didn’t mention their Warring Fleet rules. Have you played them?

  3. Two things.

    I got your show off the iTunes feed and it cut off after about 20 minutes. The whole show was not loaded.

    BTW, AT-43 does not allow melee attacks on your opponant’s turn. Melee and ranged attacks are treated exactly the same on that count, except for the fact that it is possible to execute both a ranged attack, move and melee in the same turn. The “defender does not get free attack back in melee, the unit must wait their turn to attack.

    I lied, THREE things.

    Thanks, I enjoy the show.

  4. Mervyn Douglas // May 23, 2011 at 21:19 // Reply

    Neil I think it was in this episode you talked about Duel in the Dark. Very clever game. You were going to get the Scotia Grendel 1/300 aircraft…I have 2 questions…
    did you do it, and if so – how did you get deal with the different altitudes?
    Oh and 1 more thing – in 1/300 what is the wingspan of the Lancaster?

    Love the show – thanks v much.



    • Hello Mervyn

      Haven’t played DitD for ages – must get it out again!
      Yes, I did get the planes, and most of them are painted! Hadn’t solved the altitute problem, though there are several flight stand you can get that let you record height. I was possibly going to simply swap a tall and a short stand.

      Wing span of the Lancaster? From memory, roughly 4″ – 5″

      I will have to dig them out and get a game.

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