Scimitar Wargames Club – 16th July

Well, no traffic problems this week, and so I managed to make it along to Scimitar without any problems.

So this week…


Dave, Tony, Gary Jere (out of shot) and I get into a multi-player free-for-all in Heroscape.

Field of Glory

Whilst Philip and Pete give Field of Glory another play…Richard & Neil offer encouraging remarks… (but I think we had more fun on the table next door)

Settlers of Catan

Meanwhile Bob, Tony, Martin and Andy play good old Settlers of Catan


…before moving on to Hoyuk


…and Tony, flushed with success after his win in Heroscape, teaches Jere and I Pickomino – it’s Umm…Brains with worms!

1 Comment on Scimitar Wargames Club – 16th July

  1. Neil,

    Could you possibly post a photo of the Ikea bin/s you are using to store/haul your HeroScape materials?

    Just curious about which container you settled on.

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