Meeples & Miniatures @ The Other Partizan this weekend

This weekend sees The Other Partizan show held at Kelham hall, nr Newark.

Something new for me this year, as for the first time, I (under the guise of Meeples & Miniatures) will be involved in putting on a demo game.

Partizan is normally known for putting on some very pretty games, but we thought we would do something slightly different. The picture above shows a mock-up of the game that we will be putting on. It’s a Napoleonic game, in 6mm, using the Poleomos Napoleonic rules, which I reviewed in Episode 31 of the podcast.

Essentially, the game is an extension of the series I have been recording about ‘Getting Started in Miniature Wargaming’ and is intended to show how easy it is to game a reasonably large battle in a club night without too much expenditure.

Special thanks must go to Dave Luff, who is providing the vast majority (if not all) of the figures and scenery for this game.

Come along if you are in the area and say ‘Hi’.

Many more pictures to follow after the event.

4 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures @ The Other Partizan this weekend

  1. Tidy looking game, but it lacks a bit of gloss and punch… Perhaps more terrain elements? More buildings???

  2. I’m busy painting a river at the moment – so hopefully that will make an appearence, along with a ford and possibly a bridge.

    We’ve also got a couple more woods to add.

    If I have time, I’d like to do some areas of broken ground as well…but that depends on how the rivers go.

  3. Hi Neil (and Dave L)

    Great to see you at The Other Partizan with your game, I couldn’t have asked for nicer neighbours. Good luck with your further gaming efforts

    (the “other” 6mm naps gamer)

  4. Thanks Steve, it was great to chat with you…hopefully catch you at the next one.

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