Scimitar Wargames Club – 3rd September 2008

Wednesday night rolled around again, which meant it was time for Scimitar – I remembered to take my camera with me this time!

Most of the gang play Robo Rally

Most of the group spent the evening playing Cowboys, Way of the Gun (forgot to take photo, sorry) followed by Robo Rally – always popular, this game.

Roman vs Celt HOTT

Whilst at the other end of the room, Tony and Pete held up the ‘Wargames’ part of the club name by playing HOTT (Hordes Of The Things) with some rather nice looking 28mm Romans & Celts.

Stone Age

I, on the other hand, succumbed once again to the lure of Stone Age, having two new willing players in Peter and Andy. This time around I managed to get all the rules correct (always a bonus) and so played the game properly.

(On an even more positive note, both Andy and Peter also seemed very interested by Perikles, so it looks like I will finally be able to get to play it)

I won, which was unsurprising since I had the advantage of having played before, but this once again proved to what a good game this is. I really, really like it!

And then, off to the pub as normal, where I missd out on playing Cutthroat Caverns (sniff) – we ended up with the usual card game mix…

If you want to know more about Scimitar Wargames Group, please visit the Club Website

1 Comment on Scimitar Wargames Club – 3rd September 2008

  1. Ooooo, Perikles have it and not played it. Will be interested on how you get on with it.

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