6mm Basing for Impetus

Several people have been asking me what basing convention I am intending to use for 6mm figures with the Impetus set of rules.

First of all, I am going to use the ‘standard’ Polemos basing convention of 60mm x 30mm (it leaves the figures flexible for when Polemos Ancients comes out). This is actually 1/4 of the size of the usual Impetus basing, which means that the table size is reduced accordingly. Therefore, a game can be played on a 4′ x 2′ table.

I have only just started putting together my Marian Roman Army, but we are using the following conventions for the number of figures on a base:

  • CP (Heavy Cavalry) – 12 Figures (2 Ranks of 6 Figures)
  • CM (Medium Cavalry) – 9 Figures (1 Rank)
  • CL (Light Cavalry) – 6 Figures (Randomly placed on base)
  • FP (Heavy Infantry) – 4 Ranks of Figures (Usually 48 figures)
  • FL (Light Infantry) – 3 Ranks of Figures (Usually 36 figures)
  • T (Missile Troops) – 2 Ranks of Figures (Usually 24 figures)
  • S (Skirmishers) – 8 Figures randomly placed on a base.

Pictures to follow as I get some painting done…

1 Comment on 6mm Basing for Impetus

  1. Hi,

    A friend and I have been playing 6mm Impetus as you describe. We base everything on 6×3 bases except cavalry (6×4) and skrmishers (6×2). I notice that you intend to play on a 4×2 ft surface. You may encounter problems with this as the Impetus rules allow multiple movement and 6mm figs still move as 15mm (on 8×4 bases).

    Anyway, enjoy the podcast, and just throwing my two cents out there,

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