A change to my 6mm French basing

Having seen how Dave Luff has based his troops for gaming Napoleonic Polemos, I have decided to do something similar, and so I am changing the way my French troops are based.

You may remember when I first started painting my French Line Infantry, that I was torn between basing the figures two or three lines deep. I have now decided that I am going to base them 3 rows deep, and have a base in front of them with Voltigeurs – so more Infantry and Voltigeurs required!

The number of Voltigeurs to use is still in the balance – I was originally intending on using 4 for SK1 and 8 for SK2 (as recommended in the rules), but I am getting an argument that 8 figures will look too many on a base, so I might instead go for 3/SK1 and 6/SK2. I will have to see how it looks when I have made up a couple of bases.

Having said that, I have just come back from Partizan where Steve Jones was using the recommended number of Skirmishers on a base (8/4) and it didn’t look to much – especially if you group them in pairs (one is reloading whilst the other is firing).

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