Scimitar Wargames Club – 10th September

An interesting week at Scimitar, as I met two guys who I have been playing against online for several months: Rob (Countzero – in the middle) and John (JohnnyB – on the right) – Oh, and that’s Matt on the left, looking thoughtful.

Rob very kindly bought his copy of Pandemic for us to try. We beat the game with 3 cards to spare, but we were only playing on the novice level.

Following on from that, we played Race for the Galaxy, Coloretto and Poison – which I was surprised to discover that none of the others had played before. I think, after 3 plays, I’m finally starting to get the hang of RftG – that didn’t stop me getting completely slaughtered in the game, mind you. It was nice to get Coloretto out again…I haven’t played that for ages.

Meanwhile, to our left, Dave, Pete, Gary and Phil tried to stem the pan-dimensional invasion co-ordinated by Tony…in honour of Big-Bang day, no doubt (Otherwise known as Doom) – Tony’s now fully-painted Doom fiures were on display for the first time.

…whilst to our right, Pete, Bob, Tony, Jere and Martin fought the Napoleonic Wars

All together an interesting night – and great to meet both Rob and John. Hoping for a rematch in October, with a threatened playing of Agricola.

Scimitar Wargames Group meet every Wednesday, 7pm – 10pm at the Church Hall at Christ Church, Frankpledge Road, Cheylesmore, Coventry.

Visitors and new members always welcome.

3 Comments on Scimitar Wargames Club – 10th September

  1. Neil… You simply MUST allow someone to photograph you at one of your club meetings (or shows) as I am convinced that you don’t really exist and are nothing more than an elaborate A.I. 😉

  2. Sorry Scott, but if they were to do that the space time continum would turn in on itself and collapse due to the sheer mass of pixels forced to acumulate in one place…it’s just too risky 🙂

  3. ‘Thoughtful’ is not the word I would have chosen to describe the way I look in that photo. I think ‘comatose’ may be more accurate.

    I should be along to Scimitars this week, making it four times in three years.

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