Scimitar Watgames Club – 17th September

As usual, Scimitar Wargames Club met last night – though I forgot to take my camera, so no pictures this time.

Well, it looked like the club went slightly Napoleonic crazy, as there was no less that three games of Manoeuvre being played last night.

Other games being played were a Fire & Fury ACW scenario and a 28mm Pulp WW1 Skirmish game.

I spent the evening going through the first playtest of a modern wargame that Andrew Lawrence is developing.

Then it was off to the pub for some lighter gaming, and there I played 3 excellent games – Straw, Zombie Fluxx (which went down surprisingly well considering how the original Fluxx bombed so badly), plus I introduced Cloud 9, which also proved to be a big hit.

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