Meeples & Miniatures – Episode #39

Download Episode 39

This show features the usual mix of news and comment. For my featured wargames rules review, I’m travelling back to the Old West to review GutShot from Hawgleg Publishing

As an added bonus, the show also features a competition to win one of two copies of the Gutshot rules.

You can download the show here, or subscribe via iTunes

  • 00:00     Intro
  • 03:25     Rumblings – News from Earthquake’s world of gaming
  • 21:35     Gaming News
  • 38:35     Miniatures Wargame Rules – Gutshot
  • 71:00     Competition
  • 73:30     Closing comments


1 Comment on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode #39

  1. Hey Neal! Great show but for the Gutshot Contest, I’m hurt that us in Canada (a Commonwealth cousin) got lumped in with those rebels to the south as part of the United States!!! There are other countries “across the pond” too you know!!! Don’t forget we were your allies in any conflict involving those American “traitors” going back hundreds of years…

    A hurt cousin in Canada!


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