Scimitar Wargames Group – 24th September

Scimitar Wargames Group met this week as usual, and once again I forgot to take my camera.

Tonight saw many of us involved in a large, 7-player game of Arkham Horror. This is a co-operative board game based on the writings of HP Lovecraft – the game itself comes with a colossal amount of bits (mainly cards, chits and dice) and is great fun to play.

The idea is for the group to play a team of investigators who travel around the town of Arkham, looking for clues, trying to close dimensional gates and kill the monsters that are slipping through into our dimension.

At some point, the end game is reached as a particular large monster awakens, and all the surviving investigators have to do battle with the monster in order to save the world. As I said, a fun game.

Other games played during the evening include Field of Glory, Impetus and Bag the Hun.

Then it was off to the pub for games of Cloud 9, Midnight Party (yes, we do play the German version) and Hanna-Barbara Uno.

2 Comments on Scimitar Wargames Group – 24th September

  1. So, what was your old one, and did you beat him?
    I don’t think I have ever won a game yet.

  2. We were fighting Yig

    Not many wounds at 10, but nasty with the fact that we were all cursed and had to make speed checks every round.
    We just about beat him, although several of us died (I rather spectacularly, having scored 1 hit with 16 dice, followed by failing a speed check on a total of 8 dice (including rerolls) and getting devoured)

    And then we discovered that we hadn’t been giving him enough damage points, as one investigator died during the game, so he should have had 10 more damage points anyway.

    3rd time playing this, and although it is quite fun, I’m not sure whether the game – and especially the climax – really lives up to the time invested playing it.

    We usually take 2-3 hours to play this…not sure if this is average or not.

    Will I play again? Yes, probably – but I won’t be chomping at the bit.

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