Uncharted Seas – first ship of the Dwarf fleet

I’ve just finished painting the first of my Dwarf battlefleet for Uncharted Seas.

This is the Dwarf Battleship – quite a sizeable ship at something over 5 inches long.

The colour scheme is Royal Blue with a Blue/Grey drybrush for the superstructure, and Wood Brown, with a Brown Ink wash and a Mid Stone drybrush for the decking.

I think it’s finished, but it seems to be missing something – or is it me?

2 Comments on Uncharted Seas – first ship of the Dwarf fleet

  1. Hi Neil,

    Great looking ship! I have to say I’m anxiously awaiting your review of Uncharted Seas! This game has had me from the moment I saw it posted about on Tabletop Gaming News but I’ve been reluctant to pick it up because I had yet to find anyone to post a review that was more than “Well I glanced through the rules and it looks good”.
    If anyone will dissect it down to it’s good and bad points, it’s you.

    I’m a relatively new fan of the show (only the lest 3-4 episodes) but what I’ve heard has been keeping me coming back. Keep it up!

    And now, finally to your suggestion that your ship might be missing something…
    Not to fault your painting, but it is an awful lot of dark blue and brown that is just really sucking the life out of a fantastic model without some contrast.
    My suggestion would be to get some decals or paint on some markings in white to really make it stand out. Do you have any old GW decals lying around? They would help spruce it up. Or if you have a steady hand you could even paint something on yourself.
    Personally, I think a great spot would be in the center of the angled bow of the ship. Or on either side forward of the gun batteries.


  2. Hi there,

    Looks great. Nice colour. Like the blue at the back and the stripes at the front.

    I have played some Uncharted Seas at our club on Tuesday nights. It’s a fun, relatively easy game to play. The models are excellent. Considering buying some in the near future.

    Some of our lads on Tuesday night demo’d the game at Colours recently. They were next to the Stafford Game stall.

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