A Touch Of…deja vu?

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, we played A Touch Of Evil last night, and enjoyed ourselves.

However, this morning I find that I’m having many more mixed thoughts on the entire experience.


We played a co-operative game with 6 players, so the game boiled down to:

  • Play a character with unique abilities
  • Roll and move between locations
  • When at locations, you have encounters, which are card driven.
  • Encounters may be items, or may be events that require you to pass skill checks on a variant number of D6
  • Gain ‘investigations’ from successful encounters
  • Battle monsters that appear on the board
  • Tool up, and then all go and fight the bad guy to win/lose the game

And I suddenly thought – “Hang on, but didn’t we play this games last week”? – it was called Arkham Horror.

If you strip away the game production, the co-operative game is, essentialy, exactly the same game, just with a few bells and whistles.

Now, as I said, the production quality of A Touch Of Evil is fantastic, and the game theme works really well, and all of these musings are based simply on playing the co-operative version of the game – I’m sure that the adversarial player vs player game will change the look/feel somewhat.

But I have the distinct impression that all the shiny new stuff essentially acted as a smoke screen, and I’m left with a slightly bemused feeling this morning.

Is this as good (or as original?) a game as I first thought?

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