Scimitar Wargames Club – 1st October 2008

A dedicated few joined together at Scimitar Wargames Club this week, but the gaming was highly anticipated, as Bob had just received his copy of A Touch of Evil.

Since there were 6 of us (Bob, Andy, Gary, Martin, Tony and I), we joined together for a co-operative game in order to kill the bad guy – who just happened to be a rather nasty Vampire.

As you might expect with a Flying Frog Productions game, the production quality of the game is gorgeous, and I think it plays much better than Last Night On Earth – or at least on first impressions, it seems that way.

Meanwhile, Pete and Philip again tried Field of Glory…though it has to be said that they looked somewhat less than satisfied by the experience come the end of the evening. It looks as if these rules will not last the distance.

Then, it was the usual adjournment to the pub, where Straw again proved to be the hit of the night. Zombie Fluxx was also played again, but I think we decided that the game just didn’t work with 7 people playing it – 4 players seems to be a sweet spot for this game.

If you want to know more about Scimitar Wargames Club, visit the website.

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