Derby Wargames Show – 5th October

Last weekend saw possibly the last wargames show of the year for me, as I travelled to Derby for the World Wargames Championships.

I try and go to al the shows with an hour’s drive of where I live during the year, which usually takes in a fair few (Triples, Partizan, UK Games Expo etc) but the later shows of the year tend to be further away than what I want to travel.

Derby has always been one of my favourite shows, simply because the venue is so good. It takes place on the campus of Derby university – the surroundings are light, and there is always plenty of room. Overall a very pleasent show to attend.

I fully anticipated going to show and playing lots of paricpation games (there were a fair number of them, which is always nice) but, as per usual, I ended up simply wandering around and chatting to people – had a great time, I just didn’t end up playing much!

As for games this year, there were a few that caught my eye. The Doctor Who meets Torchwood and Black Sheep games were both of note, as Josh enjoyed playing them both. Many thanks also to the guys at Forge Games, who oversaw a titanic struggle in Warmachine between Josh and myself. Josh won, due to my inability to roll over a 3 on a D6 on my last turn, thus failing to hit Stryker when he only had 2 damage points left. Kreoss was flattened in the following turn…

There were a couple of 6mm games going on – the Leipzig -Lite game from Baccus had it’s first outing, and looked very impressive…

Another 6mm Napoleonic game was nearby, using the ‘Port & Cigars’ rules – with real Port and Cigars!

Other games that caught my eye were a 28mm Vietnam game from COGS using Hexon II terrain fron Kallistra,

10mm American Civil War, complete with life-size Kepis

The attack on Pearl Harbour, using Tumbling Dice aircraft and Check Your Six! rules

And the famous “Ice Station Zebra”-esque frozen waste with U-Boat, from Secrets of the Third Reich.

1 Comment on Derby Wargames Show – 5th October

  1. J.R. McDowell // March 5, 2009 at 23:41 // Reply

    I was wondering where can I get the 6mm miniatures in the USA for the Leipzig Lite Game.. as well as any rules used to play it?

    I own a Game Store in Texas called Toy Soldiers, and I think my gamers would love to try it.

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