Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 40

Download Episode 40

Show 40 of Meeples & Miniatures – the podcast about Miniature Wargames & Strategy Boardgames – is now available to download.


The show features the usual mix of gaming news and comment.


During the show, I chat about A Touch of Evil, the new horror boardgame from Flying Frog Productions, as well as giving an in-depth review of the historical miniatures rules Basic Impetus & Impetus, from Dadi & Piombo

00:00    Intro

05:45    Gaming News

21:35    Rumblings – A Touch of Evil, Uncharted Seas

23:30    Charity Appeal – Combat Stress

25:20    Competition

30:10    In-depth review – Basic Impetus/Impetus

73:25    Closing Comments


This Week in Wargaming Podcast

Future War Commander

Hasslefree Miniatures

Ambush Alley

T.O.G. Entertainment

A Touch Of Evil

Uncharted Seas


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