Just what we need…

…Another Zombie Game.

Too Right!

Continuing the excellent set of releases from Ambush Alley Games comes Ambush Z – just in time for Halloween!

Ambush Alley is a great game for gaming modern combat, and now this new ruleset takes us, yet again, into the modern Zombie game genre…so you can game all those cool battles from World War Z to your hearts content!

And Ambush Z is just that – it’s not a supplement, but a stand alone game. So, even if you want to game zombies, but don’t want to game modern warfare, you have no excuse.

It’s a 74 page rulebook, and comes complete with 5 scenarios. It’s only available as a PDF, but for $20 it looks to be well worth it.

Since it’s that time of year, I will shoe-horn a review of these rules into the next podcast…

1 Comment on Just what we need…

  1. Awesome. It’ll be like playing World War Z. “They’re in no hurry, so why are you?”

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