Upcoming rules reviews…

I was running a poll on the Podcast Guild, asking which ruleset to review in Episode #42 of the Podcast. This has now closed.

The winner is…

Stargrunt 2

So, I will be reviewing Uncharted Seas in Episode #41, and Stargrunt 2 in Episode #42.

There is another poll still running at the Guild, which gives a list of potential rulesets to review, and asks for your preferences. This is due to expire on November 1st, so if you want to register your views on what rules you want to hear reviewed on Meeples & Miniatures, go and vote on the Guild.

1 Comment on Upcoming rules reviews…

  1. If you end up liking Stargrunt 2, try Fast and Dirty. (http://www.freewebs.com/weaselfierce/) Its like a simpler, less cumbersome version of Stargrunt.

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