New Uncharted Seas ships

I bought some of the new wave of Uncharted Seas release from Stafford Games on Friday – tey arrived on my desk this morning – and thought that I would put up some pictures and some immediate impressions.

The Dwarf Heavy Cruisers look simply awesome! An improvement on the basic Cruiser, and including a revolving turret (the same turret that is used on the Frigates, by the looks of things). A very nice ship – very happy with these.

The Dragon Lords Heavy Cruiser is not quite as nice. The hull looks to be the same as the normal Cruiser, just with a different sail design (including a forward facing cannon, so not quite as blown away as I thought I might be.

The Dragon Lords Dragon Carrier is, if I’m honest, a major disappointment. It’s a nice enough looking ship, but my issue is with the price. It’s classed as a capital ship, and is therefore priced at the same price as the Dragon Lords Battleship – but the model is nowhere near as big as the battleship, and has only 1 sail instead of two – therefore I see no reason to justify the model being the same price as it’s bigger compatriot…other than simply a general marketing/price issue (i.e. it’s a capital ship – all captital ships cost the same amount). Also, I don’t see the full potential of this ship being reached until Dragons are released (this is just something I suspect – the rules have not been published yet) and so I’m currently wishing that I’d have held fire on buying this model just yet…

1 Comment on New Uncharted Seas ships

  1. Thanks for this update. This game looks so amazing, and fills such an empty niche that I am still super excited even though not all the models are 100%. I am hoping to order the game soon.

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