Game Over Man…Game Over!

Now, I know that I have been known to be a little slow on the uptake at times…

I’ve just been sent a link to a flash version of the 1989 classic boardgame Aliens, based on the film (which is one of my all-time favourites)

This boardgame is now very difficult to get hold of, but you can play 3 of the missions online.

The game uses original soundtrack music and effects, so is very atmospheric. It’s also pretty hard, so if you want a quick Space Hulk-esque fix, then give this a look.

1 Comment on Game Over Man…Game Over!

  1. The other day I was visiting home and my Mom was playing online Solitare. Whenever she would lose, you would hear Bill Paxton saying “Game over man! Game over!” She didn’t get it, but I found it funny as hell.

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