A question of scale

You may remember a couple of days ago, I talked about receiving Over The Channel, a campaign for fighting the Battle of Britain for the Check Your 6! rules, and I was undecided about what scale of aircraft I was going to use…

…well, after reading the book, it ended up being an easy decision.

The book contains a total of 18 scenarios. If you want to fight all of them, you need the following aircraft:

Royal Air Force:

  • 9 x Spitfire I
  • 9 x Hurricane I
  • 6 x Fairey Battle
  • 3 x Bolton-Paul Defiant
  • 4 x Blenheim IF
  • 6 x Blenheim IV
  • 3 x Spitfire II


  • 10 x Ju 88
  • 13 x Do17
  • 12 x Ju 87
  • 8 x He 111
  • 8 x Me Bf 110C
  • 8 x Me 109E
  • 12 x BR.20M
  • 8 x Cr. 42

…thats a grand total of 119 aircraft, including 65 bombers.

Much as I like 1/300th scale aircraft, considering that fighters cost £1 each, and bombers can be anything from £2-£3 each, from a purely economic point of view, there is only one decision to make – 1/600th scale.

Even then, you are still looking at a bill in excess of £50 for all the aircraft. Another project to complete in stages, I think…

1 Comment on A question of scale

  1. I agree with you there 1/600 is the only scale to play CY6 if you aren’t a Millionare. If your looking for a manufacterer you should look at Tumbling Dice (I’m not an advertiser, LOL) 🙂

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