Days when you hate wargaming

Do you find that there are days when you can really hate this hobby?

For example, I am currently refighting the battle of Asculum using Commands & Colors: Ancients, and the VASSAL online module. The latest turn came through this morning, and I could finally execute the charge that I had been planning for the last few turns.

As you can see, 3 units of my Epirote Heavy Infantry, 2 commanded by Generals, charge into a line of 2 units of Roman Medium Infantry, 1 commanded by a General.

The score is 5-4 in victory banners to me – I need to destroy 1 unit for victory…and I’m attacking with a 50% chance of causing damage.

An easy win…

…Or maybe not. This is the result of the engagement:

So, I rolled a total of 15 dice – all hitting at 50%. The result? 4 hits. I even had 10 dice to roll to cause 3 hits on a single unit…I could only manage a miserable 2.

But, to make matters worse, my opponents rolls were just the opposite. He rolled 12 dice (again, hitting on a 50% chance) and scored 8 hits.

The final result? I am now laid open to another round of combat, my opponent strikes first.

Funnily enough, I lost the game in the next turn.

I know that dice are used to represent the fact that nothing is ever certain, and this game, would it be written up as prose, would talk about an heroic defense by Roman Legionaries…

…but as someone to whom poor dice throwing seems to be a way of life, this was still a cruel, cruel blow.

Today, I hate wargaming…

2 Comments on Days when you hate wargaming

  1. Haha. Been there, done that. I feel your pain. 🙂

  2. broadsword // April 20, 2009 at 23:08 // Reply

    There are days when you play the game, and days where the game plays you. On days where the CC:A game plays you, you feel like a spectator, somewhat detatched, numb. I say it is one of the defects in an otherwise fine game – I mean the setup time is long-ish, and it leaves one feeling a bit let down, especially if the game up to that point has had superb maneuvering and tactical play.

    CC:A can definitely suffer from not being a positional player’s game.

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