Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 41


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Well, this show seems to have been a very long time in coming, but it’s a bumper offering, so I hope that makes up for the wait.


The show, as well as containing the usual mix of comment and chat about gaming, contains not one, but two in-depth reviews.


First up is Uncharted Seas, the new fantasy naval game from Spartan Games. I take a detailed look at the rules, plus I review some of the current ship models and accessories available for this game.


Secondly, since it was almost Halloween when I recorded this show, I examine Ambush Z, the new zombie combat game from Ambush Alley Games.


In between these two reviews, I take some time out to discuss what I think are some of the differences between UK and US gaming culture.

  • 00:00    Intro
  • 06:10    Rumblings – War of the Ring
  • 18:50    In Depth Review – Uncharted Seas         
  • 79:30    Discussion Point – UK vs US gaming culture
  • 96:45    In-depth review – Ambush Z
  • 127:30  Closing Comments

1 Comment on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 41

  1. Been waiting for this review. I will try and listen tonight.

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