Scimitar Wargames Group – 19th November

Last Wednesday saw about a dozen of us gather together for another Scimtar games night.

Pete, Tony and Phillip played Ancients (again) – DBM this time (I think)


Whilst Bob, Gary, Tony & Martin played Blikzkrieg Commander – a late war game, this time (for a change).


Finally, I gathered everyone (John, Dave, Matthew, Andy & Peter) else into a 6-player game of Galactic Emperor. Despite having a couple of people who hadn’t played before, and several of us (including me!) who couldn’t quite remember the rules (thanks for keeping us on track, Matt) , we had a blast (pardon the pun).

I think this game really hits a sweet spot with 5 or 6 players, as it forces the pace of the game as almost every role is played every turn. Everyone seemed to enjoy it (especially Peter, who won…beginner’s luck!) so this is a game that will hit the table again soon.

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