New Games for Christmas

pic43663_mdWell, I don’t know about you, but Santa was quite kind to me over Christmas, and I received a couple of new games.

First up was the World War 2 variant of Richard Borg’s Commands & Colors series of boardgames – Memoir ’44.

This game has taken Scimitar Wargames Group by storm over the last few months with many new converts to the game.

Why? Well, to be honest, I’m not sure. It’s a well produced game – the cards, boards and terrain are excellent, whilst the miniatures are simply adequate. The rules are simple, but with an underlying complexity included in the Command and Control rules which is enough to keep gamers coming back.

I asked for it as it seems to be an ideal ‘Ladz & Dadz’ game – so I’m hoping to get Josh involved with this on a regular basis.pic191492_md

The other game was another Boardgame with miniatures – and this too has a War setting, though this time the action is based firmly in fiction rather than fact. That game is Tannhauser.

I’ve heard a lot about this game, and to be honest the feedback from other people is somewhat mixed, but I really fancied trying it for myself.

The game looks interesting, and the production values are up to the usual standard that we now expect from Fantasy Flight Games – although the pre-painted miniatures are nothing to get too excited over.

In short, this seems to be another interesting game to get into – more complex that Memoir, but then again, it’s Weird War skirmish – a genre I have a particular soft spot for at the moment – I think I need to find that Horrorclix B.P.R.D set now to play Hellboy in this game.

Both games have several expansions – so I think if they are a success, I will have a lot to keep me busy in the coming months.

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