…and talking of new games…

Well, like most lads of his age (10), Josh is a big fan of video games – which is a shame, as we only own an XBox (The original, not the 360). Still, it’s a major improvement over my old Sega Megadrive.

Well, we have come kicking and screaming into more modern times, as he now owns a Nintendo DS (originally my wife’s Christmas present from last year…don’t ask, it’s a long story).

The upshot being that I have an excuse for buying him games that I want to play.

61f2googk5l_sl500_aa280_Now, whilst shopping in the January sales in Dudley, I came across this game.

Never head of it before, but somehow, the fact that it was a Warhammer 40,000 game, and it was turn based squad combat, persuaded me to part with £6.

So, in the vain hope that it might be half decent, I bought  copy.

The verdict? I think I’ve been had. A sucker for a GW trademark, yet again. Well, it’s OK I suppose -but I was hoping for something a bit more like my old favourite, chaosgate1Chaos Gate which I used to own on PC several eons ago. Yes I know that it was pants, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Why? Well…at the time it scratched a couple of itches.

Firstly, it was W40K, and I wasn’t playing W40K on the tabletop anymore. OK, I know I’ve said a lot of bad things about GW, but I still like a lot of the W40K universe.

Secondly, it was turn based combat, and I liked turn based combat…it gave you time to think. So, at a time when the whole world was going Quake III deathmatch mad (I tried it, and after getting fragged a dozen times in a couple of minutes, I decided that it wasn’t fun) I sat on my PC playing this game.

24048_boxshot_1_preview1But all this was a mere substitute for playing that classic series of turn based combat games – the X-COM series…which was started by UFO Enemy Unknown (at least, that is what it was called in the UK when it came out).

This, for me, was the best game ever – a great story, with creepy music, decent (for the time) graphics and essentially, a turn based miniature wargame for the computer.

Simple gaming heaven.

And yes, I’ve been toying with recreating this game on the tabletop for some time…possibly not with all the aliens, but I’ve got some greys, and I’ve got some alien hover tanks, plus some suitable trooper models as well. Maybe someday I will actually get around to it…

…unless I sell the UFOs on eBay first…

1 Comment on …and talking of new games…

  1. wow, never heard of squad command till I found this post. and I love the warhammer games.

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