Plans for this year – Boardgames

Last year was a bumper year for boardgames. I think I bought more new boardgames, especially new releases, than in any previous year.

I think this year has to see a reduction in the number of games that I buy in favour of playing the games I have more often (or even for the first time!)

So, my plans for boardgame purchases this year are quite small:

Memoir ’44 – As previously mentioned, I had the core game as a Christmas present, and so I will be keeping my eyes open for expansions for this game.

Battleground Fantasy Warfare – I’d like to get the remaining factions for this game that I don’t already own, plus the Kingdoms expansion is a must. Also, the release of the Historical version of this game is on my shopping list.

Martin Wallace – I am fast becoming a big fan of Martin’s games, and there are at least a couple on my ‘got to get’ list for this year. Heading this are Brass and Waterloo, but several of the Treefrog games planned for this year look interesting.

Battlelore – Hopefuly, the Heores expansion will be released for this game this year…this will be a ‘must buy’

Tannhauser – Hopefully, FFG will release some more expansions for this game this year. Operation Novgorod should come out in the first quarter, and I hope that they release more of the single figures for this game.

Vikings – I’ve played this game online at several times, so I think it’s time to buy a copy.

Reef Encounter – another classic game that I have played online that is now on the shopping list.

Red November – looks to be a ideal large multiplayer game for the pub

Actually, looking at the list, there is still quite a few titles there, and it doesn’t take into account events such as UK Games Expo.

Oh Dear…

5 Comments on Plans for this year – Boardgames

  1. I think I am on the same wavelength as you. Spend less, play more.

    There are a few games that I want this year, Dominion tops the current list but I am a sucker for advertising and wanting what everyone else has 😉

    But, I definately want to play all the games I have. Especially as I have some still in shrink that I havent opened. I also want to play more games online, aiming to have at least a couple on teh go at once.

    M44 looks good, so if you want to teach me on Vassal I am more than happy to lob a grenade in your direction.

    • Yes, I want to get all the games to the table this year tha I haven’t played yet.

      Also, many people at Scimitar said that they would much rather play the same game more often than constantly have to learn new ones…interesting.

      Not sure how we are going to fit it all in, but we shall see.

  2. I actually went to buy a couple of post holiday games for myself and couldn’t pull the trigger.

    First, I have plenty of games that either haven’t seen enough play or haven’t seen any play.

    Second, two of the games on the top of my list have lots of hype, but after research I am not sure they are for me. Dominion sounded great at first, but if it is CCG like, why don’t I pull out my old CCGs? Through the Ages is something I really want to get, but people complain that it is fiddly with the bits, and that is what I don’t like about Caylus.

    So I am regrouping, taking more looks at my want list, and trying to play the games I have.

    • Jonathan – I played Dominion on BSW last night for the first time. I was very sceptical as to if it would live up to the hype…especially after my Agricola experience.

      Also, is it worth owning both this AND Race for the Galaxy?

      Well, suffice it to say, after my playing experience, I’m looking to buy the game asap…it’s a great game.

  3. I crumbled and bought Dominion. So many people surely can’t be wrong can they?
    Blayed against Steerpike on BSW and really enjoyed it.
    I played CCG’s back in the day but honestly, if you couldn’t afford booster after booster of cards you would struggle. With Dominion you have a level playing field, you all have access to teh same cards and its up to you how you pick and choose them. Its a great game and the fact that it can play very quickly is a bonus.

    One of my groups have the, lets play the same games so we can really get them learnt mentality. Fine with me, as long as I have other groups to play new games with. I think there needs to be a healthy mix and there is always the internet for everything else.

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