Plans for this year – Miniatures

2008 saw me breaking into new scales and new periods as I started playing the likes of Polemos Napoleonic, Impetus (Ancients) and Uncharted Seas.

The ‘new’ scale of 2008 for me was 6mm, and that trend looks to continue into this year.

As with most people, it seems, I am looking to cut back on my purchases for this year and try and concentrate more of clearing my, somewhat considerable, lead mountain. There is certainly plenty to chose from – enough to keep me going for a couple of years without any new purchases, if I’m honest.

But, we all like new stuff don’t we…

So, my purchasing plans for this year are:

6mm – probably my major scale this year. I’d like to get several armies, but may end up settling for 2 or 3. Difficult to choose which though. I will probably get a barbarian horde as opponents for my Marian Romans, and then it’s Samurai and War of the Roses armies. I’d like to get Punic War Romans and Carthaginians as well, but will probably have to hold fire (although a Basic Impetus army or each wouldn’t hurt, would it?)

The other plan in 6mm is to get a Sci-Fi Human Army for Command Horizon and Future War Commander. This was planned for last year, but put on hold.

Uncharted Seas – I’d like to play a lot more of this game this year, so more ships are called for. The new Elven Fleet is a must, so I will get that, and then look out for new models for the Dwarfs and Dragon Lords.

40mm – especially having just bought the ‘Songs of Arthur & Merlin‘ expansion for SBH, I’d like to get more Dark Age figures in this scale – especially the excellent Romano-British from Flashing Blade.

Other 40mm plans are to get some more of the Perry’s Napoleonic figures, and some more of HLBS moderns for Ambush Alley – however, with the exception of Ambush Alley, I think 40mm gaming might be taking a back seat this year.

On the rules front, I’ve already mentioned that I’d like to get hold of a copy of Future War Commander. Other than that, the main things on my radar will be a further expansions for Ambush Alley and Impetus, plus new Polemos rulesets. Baccus are hoping to release Polemos Ancients and Polemos War of the Roses this year…and both of those are ‘must buy’ rules IMO.

I’d love to get the new Incursion game and figures, but I don’t think I can stretch to those this year…which is a great shame.

Still, much to look forward to.

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